300.000 Registered Users Giveaway!

Try your luck and win 3 x Knife!

We've just passed 300.000 registered users and 2 Year Birthday of the site

To celebrate those two great milestones we are going to giveaway 3 Knives!

Tiger tooth 665e037c3a57662d0df679636eb75f8a51b38f645b81fa07ca7a1924080172df

Tiger Tooth

Too late!

Slaughter 1d3fb7c98f79b25e4ee7636bbbfe3c392383c4c99ee71293b8c9c98f3186cb34

Shadow Daggers

Too late

Doppler ff768d331a15457504ee836798b8dc613297b10ef08aa9633663f26430f5fa7f

Flip Knife Doppler

Factory New


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