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Minimal Wear

Value: $2.64

Factory New
Factory New
Factory New

Value: $12.82




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05.11.2019 04:26




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The print that u sent to me that was fake fucking scam little shit. I saw what price cs,money has for the slaughter and it is 560 $ when the sell it. In your inventory is no more then 490 $ kid . So don`t put fake prints to scam people . Brainless kid
lowball trash not, don`t bother even talking with this ashole
I blocked u cuz your to stupid kid. U want some profit go to work , don`t try to husle people with skins . I love cuz your so mad now u rly want to breack your phone or monitor :)))))) . Third world country ? :)) do u even have a brain ?
i have no idea how to trade but still manage to cash out 5k last summer while u trying to make few dollars profit lmao,im the kid but u are the one with carton picture in your profile,im the poor but your education and your english are sh1t.
i'm scammer but you dont know that items on trade hold costing less at cs.money,im mad but you are the 1 who block me everywhere,and yes you live in third world hole full of gypsys,you even use google translate to answer back
Trade owner is not interested in this offer.
Go trade https://skinsup.net/
Only items were attached to this reply.
Only items were attached to this reply.
for the butterfly knife, taking offers as well


Trading outside Steam for real money or Steam gifts is dangerous and inexperienced traders can get easily scammed.

You can use SkinBaron.com for a safe and secure market to buy and sell items.