This is a summary of new features, bug fixes and improvements that were made to CSGOTRADERS.NET with each release. The updates are listed in reverse chronological order (the most recent is listed first).



  • Few layout fixes for Main Page and My Trades page for better viewing expirience
  • Added a banner for AdBlock users



  • Users are now properly redirected to the page they were before they logged in to the site



  • Implemented the users warning system to be able to warn users about their bad behaviour before the permanent ban to their accounts



  • Added a Changelog site for users to be able to follow recent site changes
  • Users Steam Profile Link visible on user profile page is now leading to "SteamID" link instead of customized "id" link
  • Upgraded SteamRep integration to correctly show all users that have unconfirmed reports on their profiles
  • System is now allowing admins to force-refresh SteamRep status of any user
  • SteamRep admins reputation status is now properly displayed


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