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No Spamming


Last updated: 12.05.2016

§1. General

  1. By using our site, you agree to all these rules.
  2. Attempts at attacking the integrity of the website, will be dealt with a permanent ban.
  3. If you want to get our database prices, there is an API for that.
  4. Attempts of trying to bypass any of the CSGOTRADERS.NET systems (ex: website recognizing real money trades) will result in a permanent ban.
  5. Using a Steam Trade URL different to your account is prohibited.
  6. Using any kind of automation tools (i.e. trading bots, autobump scripts, browser extensions, user scripts etc.) other than those provided officially by CSGOTRADERS.NET is prohibited and disallowed here. No matter if you are a creator or just an user of it.
  7. Impersonating another person will result in a banned account. This includes impersonating any representative, including staff and partners of CSGOTRADERS.NET.
  8. No NSFW or disturbing material. This includes URL’s sent in comments/trade offer and also your Steam avatar.
  9. In some specific cases, if you break any of the rules disclosed here, you will be warned either by a system notification or moderator action, such as blocking one of your trades.
    If you will keep breaking the rules, a permanent ban punishment will be used.
  10. In cases not disclosed on this page, the final decision is always made by site administrator.
    Just use common sense. If you think you well get banned for it, don’t do it.

§2. Trades and Trading

  1. Always stay nice when trading, foul language or flaming is not allowed.
  2. Please keep all communications in English only.
  3. Trade offers should not go off-topic.
  4. Continuous attempts of posting offers that are extreme low balling will be removed or blocked and if continued will be resolved with a temporary or permanent ban.
  5. Posting sequential trades and trade offers with items that are not currently in your possession will lead to termination of your account.
  6. Begging for items is prohibited. That includes also sending empty Steam offers to CSGOTRADERS.NET staff and partners.

§3. Scamming

  1. Any attempt at trying to get items in an unfair way, will be dealt with a permanent ban on CSGOTRADERS.NET and affiliate sites.
  2. If you are marked as a scammer on SteamRep you will be banned. You will only be unbanned if you clear up your status on SteamRep.
  3. Unconfirmed reports on SteamRep can be used as evidence in cases against your account.
  4. If someone on accident sends you a trade offer that is empty, you have to return the items when they request it. Same with if they send an offer for your buyout on a weapon, and accidentally choose a worse wear item or gave you more items.
    Refusing this is considered scamming and will be punished.

§4. Spamming

  1. No advertising, especially posting of any referral links.
  2. Copy-pasting the same sentence over a short period might get you muted.
  3. Posts about non CS:GO trading and/or other trading websites can be seen as spam and in long term may lead to banned account.

§5. Donations and Premium

  1. Donations are not refundable - you are not buying anything from us, the Premium service is used as a gratitude for you supporting our site and refunds is harming our funds to run the site.
  2. In special occasions, site founder may refund your money on PayPal, but opening a PayPal dispute will always lead to a banned account on the site for reasons mentioned in the post above. That does not apply to key donations.
  3. We have the right to deny any donation for undisclosed reasons.
  4. Premium accounts are not transferable to any other account for any reason.
  5. If your account will get banned on the website, we will not refund your donations.
  6. If you wish to donate items instead of PayPal, the items total value must be overpaid by 40%.
  7. Donating a knife will get you a Premium subscription from 1 year to lifetime premium, depending on the knife value.

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Trading outside Steam for real money or Steam gifts is dangerous and inexperienced traders can get easily scammed.

You can use for a safe and secure market to buy and sell items.